Day 28 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

I marvel at how God puts people in our midst to help us in our journeys, like angels, for the saints that we all are.

About a year after I left my hotel job of 15 years, I re-entered the job market as a temporary secretary for a leading auto company, filling in for someone who was on vacation.  I landed in the Parts Department, alongside an amazing woman who not only patiently showed me the ropes, and I needed to be shown more than once, but i got to see close up her beautiful walk with Jesus.  And how it blessed me!

She had worship music playing softly in the background of the small office.  She treated everyone she came into contact with kindly and she had a caring affection for the staff members.  She taught me to file a little every day, or it became too huge to want to handle.  She showed me how to handle with diplomacy the employees who came to us with their urgent orders to type and send the emails and faxes which was part of our job to do.  She taught me the importance of worship and prayer.  I learnt authenticity by just being around her.  One of the few times that I saw her angry was when we overheard some men speaking excitedly outside the window, and many expletives were being used.  She boldly opened the window and spoke severely to the men, telling them that the company did not tolerate language like that being used on the premises.  Her actions spoke for themselves, and it was not surprising that she was a sign language expert.  She was not afraid of speaking out and she was highly respected by the entire staff.  We developed a close friendship that carries on to this day.

The company had a weekly prayer time on Wednesday lunch time for about 15 minutes, which a few people attended.  Of course she was one of them, and I went with her.  They always sang a song before beginning to pray.  Once I was asked to suggest a song.  I couldn’t think of one, I was such a ‘baby Christian’; and then I remembered my favorite hymn from my school days, ‘All things bright and beautiful, All Creatures great and small, All things wide and wonderful, The Lord God made them all’ …   I knew the words by heart.  I came to look forward to that prayer time.

In all I spent about 8 weeks at the auto company, coming back when there was an absence, and it was a great and very enjoyable experience for me.  It was exactly where I was meant to be for that period in my life, increasing my confidence and helping me to step out in my faith.  I am thankful that God led me there, his timing is always perfect.

Day 28 of Prison Break of Thoughts

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