An Angel in Spanish Town

This is a true story that needs telling.  It happened very recently in Jamaica.  I am telling it but I am not a player in it.  I wish I was up that night to pray, but the others had it covered. 

Troy was excited about going out, to a party far from home, to a party in the area of Spanish Town, Jamaica.  He had lots to celebrate, a big birthday in teenage life coming up, and football triumphs after many disappointments.

Troy’s mother, Maxine, received the call at 2.45 am.  Troy’s friends were asking if he was home.  They could not find him when they were leaving the party, and no one knew where he was.  Maxine’s radar was flying high.  She started making calls to all his friends, no one had seen him.

3.43 am First whatsapp message of many is sent out to Maxine’s pod of prayer warriors.  Not all of them are awake to receive it, but always there is one or more, poised for prayer.  In the last week or two all of them had gone to watch the movie ‘War Room’, impacting them greatly to be strategic in prayer, like generals in battle.  They would need to be now.

“Praying, Maxine, to dispatch God’s angels to watch over him.”  First warrior response.

“OK, declaring Psalm 91”.  Troy is covered with His feathers, Under His wings he finds refuge.

“Maxine, let not your heart be troubled, all is well.”  Another warrior stirred awake.

She could barely breathe, she was terrified.

Another came in on the chat: “I am up and joining you all in prayer right now.  Psalm 91 all the way.  Lord we ask right now for you to dispatch both warring and guardian angels to surround and protect Troy right now, wherever he is.  Guide him home safely.  Holy Spirit, pour yourself over Maxine and Dave {Maxine’s husband} right now so they be anxious for nothing.  In Jesus’ mighty name, protect Troy …”

Her night watch warriors told her to lock hands with Dave and to pray, as God is able.  One warrior told how her son had been in a similar situation, not answering his phone, and he had fallen asleep and was found much later in the day, she was praying that this was the case with Troy.  They all could feel and relate to her pain and suffocating terror.  Maxine had told Troy not to get in a car with anyone who had been drinking or that he was unsure about, and he assured her that he would be coming home with his friend’s dad who had taken them.  Her anxiety was mounting.

“Maxine, stop right now! Put the enemy’s fear right out of your head and trust God who has never failed you and remember the great plans he has for Troy’s life!  We are with you and praying on this, dear friend.”

It was suggested that they play worship music, but she couldn’t even move.  In this moment, when you can’t find your son, no earthly thing matters.  Just that he is okay.  No anger, she just wants him to be okay.

“Keep your eyes on Jesus, not the wind and waves.”

“Agreeing.  Psalm 112:7-8 says You will have no fear of bad news, your heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord.  Your heart is secure, you will have no fear, in the end you will look in triumph on your foes.”

“Psalm 20, May the Lord answer you when you are in distress .. some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

6.02 am  Maxine sees a taxi show up at the gate and a strange man gets out.  He tells her husband that he found Troy at the party, the last person there, intoxicated.  He walked Troy out to the main road, in Spanish Town (one of the most dangerous areas in the Western hemisphere when it comes to crime and gang violence), and he realised that Troy physically would not be able to get home on his own.  The stranger took 3 taxis with Troy to get him home.  He did not even know his name.

Dave told Troy that his mother had been up for 3 hours with her praying warriors and that it was those prayers that sent the man to be his angel and lead him home.  Anything could have happened to him in Spanish Town.  He was totally covered and protected.

Tears flowed across the miles, rejoicing, thanksgiving, women that God had drawn together for this purpose.

Day 31 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

Today is the last day of this series called Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  It has been an exhilarating ride.   I have let go of my old, familiar patterns, and I have stepped out into something new, yet something I have always dreamed of . I have found my voice.   And I am enjoying the freedom that it is bringing me.

I hope that you have got more than a few snippets of me, and you have enjoyed, and maybe been touched in some way by what you have read.  I have so appreciated your company and your support as I have made the transition from prison to the outside world.  As I continue to be equipped to write and release I am trusting that I will not lag behind .  I will be more than a conqueror to run this race, keeping in perfect peace as I keep my focus on the One who directs my footsteps.  I have received this prompting, this desire, this gift from God, so I am not fearful of the future.  I will not be left in the dark, but empowered from on high, determined to keep going.

It is not goodbye, I will continue to blog right here, to write, and to work towards my first of many books.

Stay tuned!  Keep looking in on me.  I hope not to disappoint.

Day 30 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

Community is a very precious thing.  We cannot live life fully without it.

In this #write31days challenge there has been a wonderful community of writers that I have been able to connect with, read some of their blogs, and chat with them.  We find that our struggles and triumphs are similar and we learn from each other.  We think and see things from different angles, helping us in our journey as writers, helping to make us complete.  We are encouraged to continue linking up, connecting, now that the 31 days are over, choosing about 10 bloggers with similar interests to form a small online group with, and share our expertise and encourage one another.  It would be a shame to lose what we have.

As a very young teenager I had a pen pal from Finland and one from the USA.  That was a form of community, exchanging hand written letters through the postal service, sharing about our lives.  The excitement when the letter would appear in the mail, checking the postage stamp, then looking carefully at the specially crafted words inside, and sometimes a glossy picture to link it with.  I was so patient then.  No such thing as instant responses or chatting in real time.  When that did begin to happen decades later, I was not ready for the change.  Now, we wonder how we managed without our cell phones, the internet.  I still love hard copies, and receiving a personal letter in the mail, but that happens rarely now.

My Church and small group community, prayer group, Moms in Prayer group, all are so good in their own ways.  Strengthening and encouraging each other, studying God’s Word, praying for our kids, all with similar concerns.  Dog walkers, puppy training classes, tennis players, all united in the same activities, similar interests, sharing their lives, listening, and being … what we’ve all been created for.

Day 30 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release