List the excuses

I’ve never really liked making lists, preferring to let the ideas or things to do just swirl around in my head, drifting like a petal in a slow flowing stream, occasionally taken where it needs to go but often floating away, not to be seen or thought of again.

Yet this time I am going to make one, because I am good at making lists of excuses for not doing or being or saying …

This blog of mine has almost died a natural death from lack of content and shame of sharing, but I want to give it a final attempt.

Here is my list of excuses for not writing on my blog since last October :

  • Not being read so what’s the point (in my feeling sorry for myself mode)
  • Laziness
  • Got out of my routine
  • Family commitments
  • Started swimming lessons
  • Started harp lessons
  • Got into too many Netflix series
  • Joined a writing group and got bogged down by their content and ignored mine
  • Comparison leading to giving up
  • Eating priorities,  including my nails
  • Lots of group meetings for prayer
  • Lingering over social media
  • Occasional godson school runs
  • Resting too much
  • Thinking, over-thinking, thinking again
  • There are others but the petals have floated away.


Please give it another go!