Playing The Victim

To be able to exist fully is to shift out of the victim role that I find myself in sometimes.  Yes, I have suffered, but yes I have emerged victorious. and I must not stay inhibited by past experiences.  Moving forward is crucial.  You can become trapped in the victim mentality.  This has happened in my life, but thankfully it was brought to light and although I still fall at times I can recognize the signs and move upward and onward.

It is so important to stay authentic, with others and with yourself.  You can become very comfortable in old shoes, in a way of thinking that is not healthy, perhaps out of fear in moving ahead to uncharted territories, out of possibly being hurt again.

Healthy community is vital, surrounding ourselves with people who build up, speak truth and remind us about renewing one’s mind, replacing negativity with the truth.  Truth that we are enough, we do not have to keep striving, proving our strength, proving a point.  Yes, It is a challenge in this culture to enjoy the freedom of not having to ‘do’ to be accepted. It doesn’t mean being passive, for me it means being dependent on the power that is within me, Jesus, and to be willing to let go of every fear, every lazy streak, and step into unknown territory, knowing that it will be okay.  I guess my ‘out’, in a sense, is knowing that it’s okay.  I feel I can rest in ‘not doing’, rather than laying hold of my faith and what I know to be true and moving forward.  I cleverly hold up excuses such as pain in my neck, and not being able to stay at the computer for long because of it, to avoid my true calling – to write.

I took part in a writing blog challenge in the month of October and I felt alive, excited and renewed, and was ever encouraged by readers and friends.   This is a new year and I am stepping up to the plate, pen in hand, neck in brace, bold and resolute.  Click Publish! Go on, NOW!