I am a fifty-something undisciplined writer who enjoys sharing from my own experiences in the hope of reaching out to other struggling souls to say it is okay and we are in this together.  I am not much of a talker, but a good listener, and I enjoy the release and freedom when I write.  Having said that, I often procrastinate and struggle with fear and not believing I am good enough.  This blog is a safe place for me to vent and hopefully shed a tear or two with you.

I came up with the Tear Stealer after I was seeing off my son at the airport.  His girlfriend was crying her eyes out and I longed to let my sadness out too.  I quickly scooped up one of her falling tears with my forefinger and placed it on my face.  It did get a few smiles but seriously I get tired of my dry eyes and it is like I am scoring a winner when I can get a tear or two out.

I am an empty nester, I  have a wonderful son and daughter and a husband of 27 years.  I live in beautiful Caribbean island surrounded by warm clear sea that I love to soak and snorkel in.  I like Pilates, swimming, walking my dogs and playing with the dogs and cats.  I love baking, especially chocolate chip cookies.  I savour the times when my family is all together.  I have the joy and privilege of being part of some prayer and women’s groups

My dream is to write books that will help people to see the hope and love that is found in Jesus, and that reveal the many answered prayers that I have witnessed in my life and many others.


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