Where am I

The last time I sat here at this outdoor cafe it was a cold and rainy day and I was being observed by a wood dove.  Now, the occasional sparrow hops by my table, otherwise I am left alone.  I need to be.  I have a lot of writing to do.

I have asked for prayer for my writing life to be ignited, many times, in group settings and in my own prayer time.  I have self-help or coaching books, writing groups, a very crowded subscription inbox containing countless writing and publishing advice, yet I am not writing.  I have searched myself for the reasons why, other than procrastination, laziness and fear.  Am I looking for the easy way rather than the right way?

It is easier to do the chores, the every day things, the leading of prayer groups and playing the harp, than to pursue a passion that I have had for so long that it feels tired and worn.

Swimming has filled a void.  It will be 2 years this summer that I have been working with a coach and it has been great for technique, fitness and especially my enjoyment.  Even a bit of open water competition thrown in once or twice a year adds to the diversity.

The wood dove has just returned.  It is the same one from all those months ago, I feel sure. It’s left foot is damaged as it was before, but it looks healed.   I sense comfort, peace.