Why tear stealer?

Most people wish they would cry less.  I wish I would cry more.  In fact I once stole a tear because I couldn’t produce my own.

I was at the airport seeing off my 22 year old son and his girlfriend was crying her eyes out.  I quickly scooped up one of her falling tears with my forefinger and placed it on my face.  I felt sad and I wanted to really let it out too!  I get tired of my dry eyes when people around me are expressing their emotions so openly with their tears.  My numbness is excessive and tiring.  What has caused me to react with so little emotion, and not be surprised or shocked by anything?

At 50 I am ready to release my inner voice, but don’t quite know where to start.  Apparently there are people that can help with this.  I have been to physiotherapists for ongoing neck pain stretching to my shoulder and arms, psychiatrists for depression, and I was finally told that I am holding in too much and my voice needs to be heard, and the pain which I am holding inside will subside.  Could it be that physical pain can be manifested from the fact that I never let my true voice be heard?

So, I am embarking on a discovery to find and release my inner voice, and it will all be recorded here.

Happy reading, and thanks in advance for your patience!  It’s taken me 40 years for me to get to this point!