Day 29 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

Glancing back on last year’s journal entries around this same time reminded me of some things.  I was very sick with a mosquito borne virus that last for weeks.  It affected my joints and I could not move about easily for some time.  I contracted it soon after I returned from a wonderful visit with my daughter in Canada, and a conference in Texas, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Moms in Prayer International, with women from all over the world present who pray for their children and schools.

A month before that, in early September, I shared my testimony at a Christian Women’s Club function.  I had been asked months before to speak at this function and although I was nervous about it I knew it was the right timing.  I shared details of my depression and how God found me in my darkest place.  It encouraged many people.  I promised that 2015 would be when I would start writing for myself and to help others.  Three months shy of the end of 2015 and I have begun to fulfill my promise.   I finally believe in myself that I am a writer, that I can do it.

God has set things in motion.  This #write31days challenge in October has given me the head start God knew I needed.  He also showed me which online writing course to do.  And that is helping me with memoir and essay techniques.  I want to get my story out there and then start writing about how God has been working and answering all my prayers.  It is very exciting, this journey I am on, and seeing God’s hand on every little thing.  Electronically I have connected with lots of other writers, and received and offered encouragement, and I am learning a lot.  I have also been supported on so many levels.  When I think a post was mediocre I receive a heartfelt post or email of encouragement.  And when I do not get any comments or views, I am just fine.

I am so thankful!  There’s just one thing …  When I am writing/thinking at the computer I chew my nails, and my habit has returned, when I thought I had overcome it for good! Another prayer to put on my strategic list.  Well, we can’t be perfect in everything!

Day 29 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

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