Day 25 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

My mum told me that I came into this world very quickly, she got to the hospital just in time.  I’m glad I didn’t give her a hard labor.

My mum is very clever.  She perseveres at a task and always gets it done well.  She has mastered growing orchids and bromeliads, upholstery, curtain-making, dress-making, tapestry, jewelery making, difficult puzzles, she is an avid reader, a leaking roof expert and much more.  And to top it off, she is a techie, keeping up to date with the latest computer technology, reading and researching, working out how to use them.

When we were young, months before our school fairs, she would spend hours making stuffed animals, the Winnie The Pooh characters and whatever else was ‘in’ at the time, to sell at the fair.  She would make lots of beautiful and fun things for that Creations stall, including large puppets.  She spent many hours on her projects, and they were always done to perfection.  Out of her four daughters I inherited her sewing gift, but I tended to give up easily if I couldn’t get something done, or go to my Mum for help!  We got our first VHS video machine just before I became a teenager, and we enjoyed watching many films and documentaries together.

As we got older we would go on shopping trips together and she would be so patient as we tromped through stores looking for clothes.  Sharing a hotel room, we had many laughs and stories shared. We tired her out, and now those days are fewer.  Travelling is made so much harder these days.

My mum has always been strong and independent, capable, full of common sense.  She loves chocolate and egg plant, like me, and tomatoes, and all the things that are bad if you have arthritis.  We both have our various stages of it.  We are different in a lot of ways but our love runs deep.  She has always put her children and husband first, and herself last.  She always looked out for me, and I love the one on one time we have had and still have together.

She has seen the world change over the years, and she often doesn’t like what she sees.  Now are the times to record the memories and pass them on to her 9 grandchildren.  I want to spend time doing that with her.

Day 25 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

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