Day 5 Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

God gave me the desire, a deep longing, to help others who were suffering from depression. The husband of a good friend of mine visited me in hospital and shared his struggle with depression and I found it so helpful to be able to relate to a person who had walked a similar path. I knew then that I had to start a group for people with depression.

The group, GLAD (God’s Love Against Depression), stayed active for about 6 years. We met once a month, sometimes more often, at one of the group member’s houses, and shared our struggles, taught a little about God’s love, and prayed. Word of mouth worked well and sometimes we had 15 people in the group, while other times there were 5 of us. Sometimes I got someone from another organisation or a counselor to come and share, but mostly God showed me what to talk about, often an extract from a radio programme I had heard that had impacted me or a book. I never was a good teacher but somehow God always equipped me with exactly what I needed to touch others and help myself in the process. As time went on the ‘regulars’ in the group developed a strong bond. Those were some very fond memories, and great excitement. The ‘newness’ of being a Christian was still so fresh then.

The numbers eventually dwindled, and God released me from the group. By this time I was led to a mothers prayer group at my children’s school which met once a week. I kept going, week after week, praying for my kids and the school, and my passion for prayer was ignited. As the children moved on to different schools I started prayer groups in their schools, and helped others start up. There are now close to 20 Moms in Prayer groups in schools around Barbados. I was wondering what would happen when my kids went away to school, I could not imagine not meeting to pray, so I started a group to cover the college/overseas kids. When women come together to pray truly amazing things happen. There is the added bonus of close friendships that have come out of these prayer groups – a true blessing. I have plans to share all the answers to prayer experienced within the groups in a series of books or devotionals.

In these posts so far I have revealed a little of my life, rather concisely, and it has been a good reminder for me and has helped with my inner release. I apologise for not giving you more, or describing fully some things. Perhaps it is time to release more? You deserve it, after all, you have come this far.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

  1. I have just read through a few of your posts this week and what comes to mind is how strong and brave you are! To be vulnerable and share about your personal struggles is inspiring and I am sure you have touched many people’s lives from this blog as well as the prayer groups & support groups you led. Never underestimate the power of being real and authentic with people.
    Thank you for sharing your life story.

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