Day 8 of Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release

Sorry for the longer than usual post yesterday, I got caught up in the moment of my glorious college and working days in London!

I had always prayed that God would provide a husband for me. And of course he did. I was 23, working as a hotel room reservations manager. He sent someone all the way from London to Barbados to work in the same hotel, the office right behind mine. It couldn’t have been more obvious.  Except for one thing – he had a girlfriend back home.  I received the telexes that came in every day and distributed them to the recipients.  He got one from her every other day or so.  But soon after he arrived he injured his hamstring and I used to see him hobbling to the bus stop some afternoons when I was leaving work.  I stopped to give him a lift, although my house was in the opposite direction.  That became a pattern for a while and occasionally I would come into his little house, which was let by a Reverend who lived opposite, and listen to music and chat.  Every Monday evening was the Manager’s Cocktail Party at the hotel for the guests, and it was part of our jobs to attend.  So he wanted to sample the other restaurants in the area as Food and Beverage Manager, and each week he got the Social Director to make a different restaurant booking. I was casually invited to come along, first joined by the Social Directory and then it became just the two of us.  He must have used up a lot of his wages on restaurant bills!  We went to the beach, did water-skiing and played tennis, all as friends, and we got on well.  He made me laugh a lot.  Fairly soon after he arrived the messages from ‘the telex girl’ lessened to none.  And the casual restaurant samplings became dates, and romantic notes passed from office to office and flowers in abundance.  He had a motorbike, a stray ginger cat and lots of love in his heart.  Who could resist?  We got married within a year and a half. And I thank God for giving me a faithful, handsome, loving husband who has always provided for my every need, who makes me laugh, and who teaches me to be real.

today is day 8 of the series Prison Break of Thoughts – 31 Days of Inner Release that I am writing for #write31days challenge.

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